Solar Hot Water

Using solar energy to heat water is an efficient process of harnessing Perth’s abundant sunshine to significantly reduce your energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions. Solar water heating can refer to a stand-alone solar hot water system or a heat pump, which heats water using energy from the air. Stand-alone hot water systems use collectors (i.e. solar panels) on the roof to capture heat. A booster is often used with stand-alone solar hot water systems as a backup to ensure a reliable supply of hot water. Heat pumps use a small amount of energy, but are significantly more efficient than a conventional electric water heater.

Solar Plumb Solutions is an independent company. We install a wide range of roof-mounted solar hot water systems and heat pumps, based on our local knowledge and years of experience.

Roof-mounted solar hot water systems

  • Vitreous enamel
    This is a tank that is porcelain lined and has a sacrificial anode. This system is suited for areas with poor water quality. Impurities in the water can cause leaks in a stainless-steel tank by attacking the silver in the welds; however, vitreous enamel linings are impervious to the harsh impurities. Major producers of vitreous enamel tanks include SolaHart and Chromagen.
  • Glycol based systems
    This is a tank that provides effective freeze protection in colder areas. These systems are ideal for areas prone to frost. Major producers of glycol systems include Rheem, Chromagen and SolaHart.
  • Split systems
    Where there is insufficient space on the roof for the tank and an aesthetic caveat is required, a split system could be an option. A split system is low profile and unobtrusive, with roof-mounted collectors and ground-mounted tank. Major producers of split systems include Rheem, Chromagen and SolaHart.


How it works

  • A fan draws in air containing heat energy across the evaporator
  • The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas
  • The compressor converts refrigerant into a high temperature, high pressure gas
  • Hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the tank
  • The refrigerant reverts to a liquid after the water has been heated and is transferred back to the evaporator for this process to continue

Roof-Mounted Systems

Rheem Stainless Steel is the premier range of roof-mounted solar hot water systems. Stainless Steel hot water systems were first introduced in 1963, establishing reliability and durability as one of Australia’s leading hot water producers.

  • High quality 444 stainless steel
  • No anode, no lining, cost effective maintenance
  • Choice of warranty, 7-10 years
  • Choice of panels, to provide better efficiency when north-facing panels are not an option
  • Choice of colours, to complement your surroundings

Heat Pumps

Midea heat pumps are an excellent alternative to the roof-mounted solar hot water system when roof space is insufficient. Utilising thermal energy transferred from the surrounding air and into the water, heat pumps efficiently generate hot water with significant savings.

  • Use -friendly controller
  • Low operating noise
  • Vacation mode
  • Power outage memory
  • Built-in frost protection
  • Large temperature operating range